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Our Story

Spearhead Winery is located on the benchlands of South East Kelowna. Our focus is on premium quality wine which we produce from grapes grown on our estate vineyard and from selected Okanagan Valley vineyards. The hand harvested grapes are sorted at the winery and fermented in small lots.

On our estate vineyard we grow Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling.  Approximately 80% of 15 acres of vines is comprised of Pinot Noir including four different Dijon clones, 2 California heritage clones and Pommard.  This combination of plantings enables our wine maker to select from the different characteristics exhibited by these clones in order to create a harmonious, complex Pinot Noir from our home vineyard.  We also draw from a number of other vineyards in the Okanagan including Golden Retreat in Summerland and Coyote Vineyard in West Kelowna.

Our vineyard and winemaking teams are led by Grant Stanley. A highly respected BC winemaker, Grant has been at the helm as our Winemaker/General Manager for a few years now and he has transformed our winemaking program.  His commitment to showcasing specific terroirs of the Central Okanagan Valley is evident in the ‘single vineyard’ program we have developed for our pinot noir bottlings.  These wines display the unique attributes of the Okanagan vineyards that they were sourced from. We also produce blended Pinot Noirs which combine the characteristics of different vineyards, including our benchmark Cuvee. We have extended this exclusive approach to winemaking to other varietals including our Chardonnay which is made from a single clone.